Minihi is the duo comprised of percussionists and composers  Louise Anna Duggan and Zands Duggan. After their 2020’s debut track “Tokaido” (Deutsche Grammophon), they’re back with a new track called “Hallowed Halls” which is out now via Unperceived Records.

According to the press release, “Hallowed Halls” was written as a homage to ancient or enchanting architectural spaces. When you walk into some buildings, the sense of history living within the walls and very fabric of the building is palpable. Generations come and go, lovingly maintaining their most cherished spaces to exist within a world they will never know.

The piece combines the sound of an old orchestral keyboard instrument called the celeste with various synths and bell-like textures, and a repetitive groove built from a traditional Irish drum called the bodhran. Louise Anna’s voice is also used within the texture to create a sense of it reverberating within the space. The track has taken on a new significance recently, with all the concert halls, theatres and gathering spaces worldwide that lie dormant, waiting to be filled with life again.

Today we have the pleasure to share the official video. They explain: “In March 2020 venues and concert halls were closed worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These spaces which are the beating hearts of our communities were silenced until further notice, lying dormant, waiting to be filled with life again. Shot in London during lockdown, this video is dedicated to sleeping halls around the world.“

Watch it below and find them on Facebook.