Tom Sanders is a British musician and singer-songwriter, better known as the frontman of London based band Teleman. He has announced the release of the solo debut album called Only Magic which will be out later this year via Moshi Moshi Records. “Little Human” is the first excerpt and finds Sanders reflecting on life lessons to his daughter, and detailing his own personal journey to growing up.

“This song started out as a song for my daughter, but became a song for anybody really. I’m also singing the words to myself as much as anyone else. The chorus is more for us- the grownups- who fail to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I’ve definitely been that person at times and I know a few others! It’s incredible but also really sad watching a child grow up and lose forever another layer of innocence and sweetness. And then comes the realisation that you can’t protect them from anything at all, and it hurts to think that other people in life will hurt them, and confuse them. But then you understand that is just life and maybe they too will hurt and confuse people, because that’s what people do.”

Listen below.