Picture by Vito Lauciello


Silent Festival closed his second edition triumphantly. Three days dedicated to the audiovisual language with a focus on silent movies and the respective sonorization curated by three big bands: Ronin, Giardini Di Mirò and Enrico Gabrielli with Silent Collective. Terlizzi (South of Italy) and MAT Laboratorio Urbano have become the fulcrum of the a new idea of Festival, blurring the boundaries between music and visual arts and carrying out a unique cultural dissemination action.

Ennio Morricone and Short Films. Every night started with a short movie, a selection curated by Apulia Center of Art and technology. We had the pleasure to appreciate Singamia of Giuseppe Magrone, Formosus of Massimilano Cosi and the touching Losing Sight of Greek director Jorgo Kokkinidis which showed the impact of blindness in Congo and how people try to solve this.

On the first night, we had also the chance to listen a few stories about Ennio Morricone which died two months ago. Gianluigi Trevisi, art director of Time Zones Festival, told us about the first, historical and a momentous performance of Italian composer and orchestrator in Bari at Teatro Petruzzelli in 1990.

Enrico Gabrielli and Six Avant-Garde Movies. One of the most important moments of the festival was the performance of Enrico Gabrielli (Calibro 35, Mariposa, 19’40” founder) which has led a little “orchestra” of 8 great musicians (Pasquale Calò, Giancarlo Pirro, Francesco Massaro, Simona Storelli, Luca Giannotti, Gilberto Bufi, Danilo de Candia and Giulia Gentile) for the sonorization of six avant-garde silent movies of visionary directors as Man Ray, Duchamp, Maya Deren and Bunuel.

A way to think sound which has respected the abstract language of the movies and at the same time gave us the chance to lose ourselves in the dreamlike flux of the images. The music was like a spiritual guide and every instruments, every details have become a single whole with the enchanting visual “delirium”.


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New projects and Silent Movies.

My favorite moment of the festival was the final night when Italian cult band Giardini Di Mirò have given  a majestic performance with the sonorization of Il Fuoco, the silent movie of pioneer Italian motion picture director and producer Giovanni Pastrone. Atmospheric and surreal, the movie tells the story of cynical love between a poetess and a painter. Giardini Di Mirò were able to add poetry to poetry. From the minimal lines to nosiest transitions, they were capable to capture the inner essence of the movie.

The sonorization of The Unknown of Tod Browning was curated by Ronin: a full immersion experience with the strong impact of certain images combined with the intense sound narrative which was wise, meticolous and incredibly realistic. The final scene with the horses took literally my breath.

The icing on the cake of the festival was the introduction of three new original music projects: RGB Prisma (Sup Nasa and Stefano De Vivo of Thinkaboutit), Nother (the solo project of the drummer Stefano Milella of Fabryka and touring member of Makai and many others acts) and the visionary experimentation of Francesco Curci (Ai Margini della Città). All three live shows were accompanied by the visuals of Davide Curci, Tonchée Labate and Pit Campanella.

Check the photogallery below. All the photos have been shot by Vito Lauciello.