Isolation Tales – Live From Home is the follow-up of the project “Isolation Portrait“, focused on electronic textures and experimental paths in music. We have selected 8 different artists (from all over the world) which recorded a live session from their homes, during the lockdown times. 8 stories, 8 portraits of 8 great artists. Check the previous episodes here.

The new guest of our series is Los Angeles based sound artist Evan Caminiti.Two years after Toxic City Music, he has released a new album. Varispeed Hydra is out now via Dust Editions and it was mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri. According to the press release, it beams in like a collection of broken transmissions, terrestrial sounds melting into the abstract and rising again as vaporous specters.

Three years in the making, Hydra was recorded utilizing a variety of electroacoustic processes and honed in live performances ranging from the sound art setting of NYC’s Issue Project Room to the future-club environment of DOMMUNE in Tokyo. While thematically following Toxic City Music, it moves past that album’s emphasis on superfund sites and the proverbial rat race to turn an ear towards more rural environs. 

Check his live performance below.