Quiet Places is the collaborative project of the British producers Charlie May, Dennis White and Dave GardnerVolume 1 is the first collaborative album which is out via A Strangely Isolated Places. According to the press release, Between the three, their production roots go deep into some of electronic music’s most important outputs of the last few decades. Be it performing live as part of Sasha’s recent Refracted shows, their own individual projects such as Spooky, Sentre and Cosmonauts or remixing the likes of M83, The XX, Thom Yorke, Little Dragon or Elizabeth Fraser they are no strangers to electronica.

Volume 1, born out of a whisky-inspired late-night laptop jam session in Somerset England, takes us on an uninterrupted 60 minute beatless and immersive trip down the rabbit hole. Along the way, we stop off in some familiar, and some not so familiar surroundings. Various characters talk of otherworldly experiences and journeys into deep space, both micro and macro, against a backdrop of hypnotic melodies and haunting electronic soundscapes. Dynamically the record moves between the polar opposites of pin-drop quiet and vast all-engulfing sonic black holes. Becoming, in essence, the soundtrack to a sci-fi movie that has yet to be made.

Listen below.