The Assault of Heaven is the collaborative work between Italian musician and sound artist Attilio Novellino and New Zealand artist Campbell Kneale (a.k.a. Our Love Will Destroy The World, Birchville Cat Motel, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon). It is out via Opal Tapes and was recorded and produced between 2016 and 2019 across Italy and New Zealand.

According to the press release, it relies on radical thought of the negative as the creative driving force. Inspired by the theory and actions of Mikhail Bakunin it explores the era of the “violence of positivity”, which appears in the form of overproduction, overachievement and transparency, Consisting of two long suites, combining music for traditional instruments, contemporary classic, drone, noise and free-rock music.

The first piece ‘Negative Theology’ blends recordings of traditional acoustic sources like Guqin, a plucked seven-string Chinese instrument, Indian Dilruba, pipe organ, wind instruments, drums and percussion with electronics, forming a filmic and vast sound environment over five movements.

The second piece ‘The Joy Of Destruction’ is entirely improvised, with gentle guitar leading into heavy, palpating bass, droning organ, glimmering percussion and an exhaustive, intense drumming performance by Francesco Gregoretti that supports a minor symphony of electro acoustic sound and digital noise.

Listen below.