American Duo Bob Moses have released a new EP called Desire on August 28th via Domino Records. The 8 tracks album come after the second album of the band (Battle Lines, 2018). Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance seem to be back with a stronger rhythm section compared with the one of the previous album. Desire feels like a step back to the times of All in All (2015).

“Desire can become quite destructive if you’re not self-aware. With this record, we’re trying to be self-aware by looking at our own desires and reckoning with them,” says Vallance. “Stories about desire are timeless: Icarus flying too close to the sun and ending up falling to his death…that idea inspired the falling man on the album cover. That symbolized to us how desire can lead to a downfall.”

Howie adds, “We’ve appreciated the worlds created in concept records from bands like Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails. We thought it would be interesting to combine that kind of songwriting with the flow of modern electronic music.”

You can listen to the whole EP here below.