Postcards From… is our space dedicated to the discovery of the sounds and the artists from all over the world with a focus on the ones who explore experimental tunes, electronic lines and contamination with their roots. Today our journey lands in one of the biggest country of the world, China. We will introduce 5 artists which have (or we think they will) a significant role in the modern music scene.

33EMYBW. 33EMYBWis the project of Chinese Shangai-based proudcer and visual artist Wu Shanmin. One year after the debut album Golem, she has released a new full-length in 2019. Arthropods is out via SVBKVLT and features remix from Ikonika, Uruguayan producer Lechugo Zafiro and Don Zilla. Recently. “Medical Fodder” is the new track which is part of the Houndstooth compilation Alterity, a globe-spanning collection that takes in artists from almost every continent in the world, piecing together the story of how shared sounds and ideas connect many seemingly disparate scenes and cultures across the planet.

Rui Ho. RUI HO is a Berlin based, Chinese artist and producer which makes electronic music that mixes the modern club music influences with traditional Chinese sounds. One year after Becoming is an Eventful Situation, she has released a new EP called In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日 in 2019, out via Objects Limited. Lov3 & L1ght is the debut full-lenght which is out tomorrow.

According to the press release, Continuing with the theme of growth, RUI HO presents her debut album ‘Lov3 & L1ght’ which walks the thin line between pop and global club music with determined style. For the first time she sings and it is no coincidence that her voice forms the basis for her deeply personal account of finding love, with the difficulties of being a trans person as well as an immigrant.

Rui says “I have always been interested in singing but my voice has been a huge obstacle for me since I always wanted a high pitched female voice instead of a deep, low male voice. Vocal feminisation during my transition has been a huge inspiration and it’s a hidden theme of the album too. I hope to learn to love my own voice and be able to find ways to express myself with the voice that I have, without having to fear it. It’s a process of self love, I guess.”

ZalivaD. Founded in 2003, Zaliva-D are the Beijing-based experimental electronic/visual duo comprised of Li Chao (music) and Aisin-Gioro Yuanjin (visuals). They have released two EPs in 2019 called Forsaken, and Calling, out via SVBKVLT. The follow-up is the 2020’s full-length Sky Singing (Echo Edition) which is out now via WV Sorcerer Productions. It features a mix of esoteric tribal electronic sound with haunting vocals, ritualistic and richly rhythmic.

Howie Lee. Howie Leeis a Chinese Beijing-based producer. Tiān Dì Bù Rén is the latest release (2019) which shows Howie’s signature mix of traditional Chinese instrumentation and experimental soundscapes and the reflection on human will and human destruction. According to the press release, Taken as a whole, the album is nothing less than a new musical language, one that combines the ancient and the modern, the Chinese and the global.

Starting from, but not restrained by geography, Tiān Dì Bù Rén circles constantly around the troubled relationship between people and nature. There’s no cynicism here – just a determination to break on through to somewhere new. The Dao urges us to “Wù Wǒ Liǎng Wàng” (forget everything including oneself), and Howie Lee’s new album is the soundtrack to forgetting – a meditative apocalypse.

Pan Paijing. Pan Daijingis a Chinese DJ, producer and sound designer which has released the debut album called Lack in 2017. Born and raised in Guiyang, China, works and lives in Berlin. In 2018, she was a guest of Amnesia Scanner’s debut album Another Life. According to the press release, Daijing’s pieces are created around a very intense and intimate mental catharsis, often expressed through a close physical interaction with strangers in her live sets which seek to engage them in a highly personal way. “When I was finalising this album, they didn’t feel like tracks to me anymore, but more like a psychoanalytical process,” she says about Lack.I saw myself being this absurd, mad person ‘acting’ out the sounds… It’s rather physical, and became like a mindgame. All things came out naturally as part of me.”