Four years ago we introduced mysterious producer Model 86. The name came from the desire to be androgynous, cultureless, classless and nationless. “It’s expensively prohibitive to have a constantly changing virtual avatar to act like a platonic mirror for the listener so we went with the name instead, yeah.”

He announced the release of the debut full-length which will be out later this year. He has shared a new single called “Trill“. Listen below and check a playlist from the producer with tracks and artists which inspired his music. He explains:

“the Trill vibe just kind of fell out by accident,” he says. “I was messing around with some synth key presets, sound designing stuff, trying to make something with a nice bop and funk to it using the least number of instruments/parts possible. Keeping it clean. Just modulating things subtly (and also sometimes not subtly). Feels like I’m in the early 2000s, in a low-rider but everything’s skewed slightly wrong, twisted a bit through a modern digital-affected lens. Trill is a funny throwback word too but feels like it could come back round though.