n-So is an American producer and composer. He released a new album titled Out of the Valley which is out now via Moderna Records. According to the press release, This record is a profound artistic statement, weaving introspection and quiet moments with cinematic drama; blurring sounds old and new, acoustic and electronic ; and pushing against the conventions of genre through explorations of novel textures, rhythms and forms.

The record accompanies an imaginary protagonist through a metaphysical journey into a deep valley surrounded by impossibly tall mountains, driven to find a path home through uncharted terrain accompanied by infectious analog synth riffs, filtered drum machines and soaring piano melodies.

Listen below and check a playlist from the composer with tracks and artists which inspired his music.

Magnamite – Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe. I consider Rob AA Lowe to be the greatest modular artist out there at the moment.  Composing meaningful music with intent and a sense of progression on a modular system is as difficult as it seems.  His command of rhythm, both compositionally and sonically is what I love about his work most.  This track is a great example of that, as well as his patience.  New layers are introduced only when the previous layer has had the time to be fully digested and understood.

Flying Floor For U.S. Airways – Eli Keszler. Eli has been a huge inspiration lately as I attempt to introduce drums into my work.  This track shows what he is capable of- namely, combining complex timed rhythmic elements, with smears and flurries of additional percussion between.  The contrast between large/spacious, and small/dry is also a hallmark of his work.

Instrumental II – Noah and the Whale.  A brief melancholic solo electric guitar track, and a nod to my favorite album of all time, First Days of Spring.  Captures both the pain and numbness of lost love in a way few other albums have for me.

Heptapod B  – Johann Johannsson.  Johann had a rare gift to combine electronic and organic elements and really make them feel united.  Modern electronic ambience and rhythms lay the groundwork for a stunning juxtaposition against pseudo-tribal vocals that reflect the most basic and natural expressions of humanity.

Backwards Again – Dan Derks. Dan’s work was a big inspiration for my latest album.  He hit on a kind of sonic tone poem vibe that really really resonated with me.  While at first things may seem like a somewhat incongruous and abstract smear of sound, upon some deeper listening it becomes clear that each tiny little blip and squeak is in just the right place.