After the collaborative track with RY X, Icelandic composer and pianist Ólafur Arnalds has announced the release of a new album called some kind of peace which will be out on November 6th via Mercury KX. It features Bonobo, Josin and JFDR. We already shared “Back to The Sky”; “We Contain Multitudes” is a new excerpt.

In Ólafur’s own words, it “was written at a friend’s cabin in a jungle, late at night, on a tiny electric keyboard. At the time I had spent so much time away from what I had considered home, almost setting up a separate life on the other side of the planet. My mind was going through a process of learning to live in two vastly different cultures, of recognising that within one body there are multitudes of different and often contradictory facets of personality. The song remains a reminder that our minds are not constants, the self is ever evolving.”

Watch the official video directed by Blair Alexander.