Joshua Van Tassel is a Toronto-based, Juno-nominated composer, producer and sound maker. He announced the release of a new album titled Dance Music volume II: More Songs for Slow Motion which will be out on September 11th and it features The Venuti String Quartet. Like the instrument that inspired it, the Ondes Martenot, Van Tassel’s Dance Music volume II is elegant and expressive, the score to a movie inside your head.

The Ondes Martenot (OHND mar-tə-NOH) is an elegantly intricate, deliberately complicated hand-built machine that lives with the theremin as one of the world’s earliest electronic instruments (c.1928). Its inventor, the cellist Maurice Martenot, was a radio operator in WWI and wanted to duplicate the accidental overlaps of tones between radio oscillators, but with the expressiveness and emotion of cello. The Ondes is a rare collectible now, but there is an option in the Ondea: Itself an exclusive membership, they’re Ondes modernized by Calgary’s David Kean.

We already shared “Their Love Was Alive Before They Were Dead“ and “Eternal Trutle”; “Muttering Spells” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.

He explains: “Muttering Spells” is about attempting to do something seemingly impossible, dangerous, and that you can’t do alone. You ask for help in the wrong place and in the wrong way, and then are faced with something that comes to help you which is more impossible and dangerous than the situation itself. You persist, and your original intention is warped and changed to the will of the other.”