Linaire is the new solo project of Montreal based composer and multi-instrumentalist Anna Atkinson.According to the press release, , the adoption of the name Linaire signals a setting forth onto a new path of exploration and self-expression. She builds her musical worlds from layers of airy synthesizers, Omnichord, strings, and drum machines, approaching beauty and discomfort in a manner both direct and honest. Peeking into her soul and pushing her own boundaries, Atkinson uses lyrical repetition to slow down and magnify ephemeral moments, while the album’s thoughtful instrumentation creates a sense of limitlessness to the atmosphere of each song.

She has announced the release of self-titled debut album which will be out on October 9th. It features Alexander MacSween (drum machines & additional keyboards) and finds the artist in a state of reflection, constructing room for herself and the listener to work through complex feelings surrounding circumstances of love, time, lineage, and loss.

Today we have the pleasure to share a new track called “No Part of Me Ever Dies” which shows her enchanting and embracing vocals, the great impact of the back vocals and the slow-burning and ethereal rhythms and an intense melancholic mood. Devastatingly beautiful, a trascendent experience. Listen below.