Charlie Grant is a British, Berlin-based singer-songwriter and musician, also known as a member of More Than Ruins and a half of Spirit Animal Kollektiv. Today we have the pleasure to share a new track called “Whatever Your Heart Desires” which is a haunting but uplifting song about confronting your inner demons. A track which shows the essential lines of the sound, and the melancholic melodies of his intense voice.

He explains: “Whatever Your Heart Desires” started life as a guitar riff that I was messing around with and eventually took into a songwriting session with Claire-ann Varley from the Berlin based band Varley. We talked about how often artists are their own worst enemies and how a lack of self esteem can hold many talented people back from ever sharing their gifts with the world. ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’ is an ode to believing that amazing things are possible and daring to question your inner demons.

I recorded the song in the Berlin studio of producer Joschka Bender, (also a member of Varley) and features glitchy electric guitars, atmospheric backing vocals from Claire-ann and a Harmonium recorded on an old 4-Track recording machine and slowed down to half speed to create a haunting, atmospheric soundscape.”

Listen below.