Flica is the project of Malaysian musician and producer Euseng Seto. According to the press release, In his embryonic form, flica dabbled in a mishmash of the acoustic and the electronic, composing easy listening melody tunes for debut album Windwane & Window. The release received an overwhelming response from Japan, which resulted in flica’s sophomore, Nocturnal, being released under Tokyo-based indie label Schole. It was during the transitionary period between his sophomore and third album that flica started delving into a darker and emotional ambient sound.

The resulting release, Telepathy Dreams, was a decidedly different approach to music making than the previous album. More focused on sound design-based compositions, the album was the maturity point of flica. This was also when he met and collaborated with visual artist Fairuz Sulaiman. flica, being a designer by trade, an audiovisual person himself, was inspired to incorporate more visual elements to his live set – creating a sensory synchronisation in sound and sight.

He has announced the release of a new EP called Tapsskog which will be out on September 25th via Schole Records. Three minutes of well-built minimal lines which show a “soundtrack” approach; delicate, ethereal and also melancholic textures which amplifies the visual impact of his music. Listen below and read the story which introduces the new EP.

“A place far north, at a suburb filled with snow. We randomly followed a trace to the entrance of the lost woods. While walking, The sound of shoes stepping on the snow, the spruce branches effectively bear the accumulated snow. and the air has a slight smell of burning wood.

We walked aimlessly. In the woods filled with snow, there were no creatures to be trace. They probably on winter sleep? Hence, we felt lonesome. If a griffin appears, we likely to ride on it and fly, admire the woods from sky-high. The daytime is almost swallowed by the night, and we have no room to stay.

We both left the entrance to the woods before the night came, and passed-by a frozen lake. We returned home followed the direction of the small village with warm street lights.”