Thanya Iyer is a Canadian, Montreal-based singer-songwriter and musician. She released a new album called KIND which is out now via Topshelf Records. It features Alex Kasirer-Smibert (bass, percussion, synth, voice), Daniel Gélinas (Drums, Drum machine, percussion, voice) and other great musicians which you can check here.

She explains: “We’re all in different places waking up to the oppressive systems that run this world, flooding every industry and place. A huge power shift needs to take place and I’m so grateful to be able to learn and continue to grow through this time. If you like my music then you’ll know that its all about humanity, self love, and giving love outwards to our community and beyond! Keep learning and growing and have an open mind as we all figure out how to create actionable steps towards reconciliation. Here are some organizations and initiatives to get to know and learn about that are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and other extremely important initiatives that have continued to make a beautiful impact and are essential to the well-being of our humanity.”

Check the full streaming below.