Harmony Byrne is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician. Heavy Doors is the debut album which was produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno (Tennis, Poliça, !!!). 10 tracks which show her deep and warm vocals and, according to the press release, traverse a variety of styles from psych-rock to blues, alt-country, folk, pop, and gospel. It explores topics like tragedy, spirituality, depression, fear, addiction, and self-liberation.

Listen below and check a playlist from the singer-songwriter with tracks and artists which inspired her music.

Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker. Most of LCs work has been of great influence, this song in particular struck a chord before recording the album. I love the depth and simplicity of the drum track and the closeness of his vocals – it’s like the microphone is in his throat! I guess I strive to capture this kind of intimacy within my own works.

Led Zeppelin – Since I Bin Loving You. There’s no doubt this song was an inspiration for ‘Come Down Vs Calm Down’. I literally said to Jims, who produced the record, “I want a guitar solo intro the like on Since I Been Loving You” haha. I love an intense, meandering vocal and Robert Plant is a master.

Portishead – Roads. I’d say Portishead is one of my oldest influences. I’ve always admired the restraint Beth Gibbons has in her vocal deliveries, how can you capture so much whilst holding back? There’s much to be said about understating – it draws you in… I’m yet to achieve this ( I obviously find it challenging, I’m more like a cathartic vomit putting everything on the table kinda gal, alas the desire is still there. ) Maybe on my next record, I’ll have some more self control! Haha 😉

Jeff Buckley – Lover You Should’ve Come Over. Jeff’s vulnerability overall, has helped me as an artist not to be afraid of sharing my own. It’s that humanness, emotion and honesty that I’m interested in. Lyrically as well, I just adore his words.

Gillian Welch – Soul Journey. I had the entire Welch collection on repeat before recording, however this was the first album of hers that I ever heard, so it has a special spot in that old sentimental heart o’ mine. She’s another one who masters understating coupled with simplicity and lyricism that’ll slice through the bullshit and give you a piece of cherry pie instead.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart. I guess I must have subconsciously wanted to beat INXS by having a better Sax solo in one of my songs… haha! I didn’t think about it at the time but I’m sure I got the idea to put sax at the end of Loving You Is Lonely from them. Gets ya eeeeeryy time ey? 🙂