We introduced different times Norwegian singer-songwriter and musician Siv Jakobsen. Three years after The Nordic Mellow, she announced the release of a new album. A Temporary Soothing is out on August 21st via U OK?.  It’s produced by Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey), and mixed by Zach Hanson (Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth). We already shared “Fear the Fear”, “Anywhere Else” and “Island“; “A Feeling Felt or a Feeling Made” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video and check the playlist of five songs which inspired her new album.

The track represents the album’s key theme; the struggle Siv faced between being healthy and productive. Following her debut LP, Siv started to fear that she wouldn’t be able to create if she was happy. This resulted in Siv questioning whether she purposely created friction, loneliness even, in order to create. It’s a feeling best summed up by the single’s most striking line, “A hollow in my insides, I’m keeping it clear / For the flicker, the flame, the friction that I need”.