Selci is a Calgary-based electronic-R&B artist and sound designer. We introduced her with the 2019’s debut EP Effervescence. Now she’s back with a new EP called A Soft Place. According to the press release, Created in collaboration with Kevin Choo (aka Catfish the Wizard), one of Selci’s main collaborators, along with keyboardist Timothonius and Vancouver-based beatsmith Neighbour, the EP offers an emotional balm to the outside world with dreamy atmospherics that conjure different manifestations of softness and tranquility.

On this EP, you can hear the influence that dance music has had on my work,” Selci says. “Over the past couple of years, I have taken to house music by virtue of a strong dance community in Calgary. When I first heard house music, my body disappeared. It’s an enormous form of escapism for me. All of my anxieties are gone, and the only thing I hear is the music.”

Listen below.