Nathalie Garcia, better known as Natali Kruger (or Baby Kruger) is a French sound artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Traversing sound design, binaural 3D sound for radio documentaries (as part of the collective Les connexions oubliées) as well as electronic and electroacoustic composition, her work is influenced by animist philosophy, shamanistic knowledge, and the practice of ‘sound massage’ pioneered by Peter Hess.

She has announced the release of a new album. 83% Invisible is out on September 23rd via Belgian imprint les anges noirs de l’utopie. According to the press release, she expresses a profound reflection on her research, extending her thematic scope by focalizing the relationship between sound, the corporeal, consciousness and the natural world. Aiming to mirror the perception of natural sounds as a living 3D environment, Kruger creates an enveloping sound world.

Check the first excerpt called “Tiger“.