Two years after Snares Like A Haircut, Los Angeles based duo No Age (Randy Randall on guitars and Dean Allen Spunt ond drums) are back with a new album. Goons Be Gone is out now via Drag City. They shared a new video for the track “Turned To String“. It was directed by Jonn Herschend who explains:

“When Randy, Dean and I started talking about this video back in January, we initially had a much different and more ambitious plan. We were going to shoot with a crew down in Austin and in LA. But as with everything Covid related, we had to scrap it and went for simple, which turned out to be the right move. I asked Choreographer Kaite Faulkner to listen to the song and see what she might do. We then shot a series of sketches (just the two of us) around Alameda CA over a period of two months (staying 6 feet apart). Because it was just the two of us, it allowed us to vibe off the energy of the song, try things out and keep moving. I was able to let the camerawork fall apart and feel it’s way through the song, syncing up with Randy and Dean via Katie’s moves. ”