Four years after Love Songs: Part Two and 2019’s 12” Gone/Danger, London-based producer and DJ Archie Fairhurst aka Romare has released a new album. Home is out now via Ninja Tune. According to the press release, it comes after a lifetime of being on the move for Fairhurst, he spent his childhood travelling constantly with his family as his parents moved around the world for work, before finally settling in the UK.

This nomadic lifestyle would continue with his burgeoning career as a musician taking him off touring the world (playing over 150 shows in the last 2 years alone). Which brings us to “Home”, The new album marks a new chapter in Fairhust’s life with a move out of London to the countryside and starting a family, a move which has “given me peace and quiet” he comments. The new addition of his own home-built studio adds to this feeling of being content and settled, having worked from various bedroom studios in the past.

Check the full streaming below.