Drexler is the project of the Australian, London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Adrian Leung. Last year he released the first EP titled The Confluence and now he’s back with the first full-length. Handles is out now via Rhodium. It is a record that musically dialogues on the recurring theme of how light is able to emerge, survive, and even thrive in darkness.

Check the full streaming below.

“Handles”, Drexler’s debut album, is inspired by new beginnings and ideas of rebirth. The music infuses intimate chamber strings with tender piano tones, ambient synth, minimal percussion and folky guitars. He adds to this instrumentation by manipulating sound using production techniques, delays, and experimenting with acoustic spaces. The album also incorporates field recordings from his travels across the globe. These include the gentle flickering sounds from Lake Kawaguchi in Japan, native birds and burning embers from a countryside campfire in NSW, Australia, and the rattling hum of a London tube.

Recorded in small spaces—predominantly in his studio in North West London–Drexler’s work focuses on recording granular sonic details, like the hair of the violin bow slowly draped across the bridge, the hammers of the piano hitting the felt above the strings, the textures of shimmering electric guitars or the sounds of a fire engine passing in the distance.