Pie Are Squared is Italy-based Egyptian musician Mohammed Ashraf, known also for the project Śruti (Eilean Records), his collaboration with Omar El Abd. He’s back with a new solo album called Con Calma which is out now via Whitelabrecs. According to the press release, it is a serene album for quiet contemplation, as minimalist tones glide and encourage a sense of detachment. It began as Mohammed gathered recordings on his mobile phone whilst travelling, which were later fed through various chains of effects. Guitars and a range of utilities were used to craft these lulling tones, with the wealth of source and detail somehow liquefying into a collection of daydreams.

These reveries were assembled from lengthy loop sessions, which Mohammed listened to for almost a year to help him detach from the mundane office routine. He wanted this work to be a form of escapism, yet free from anxiety; a slow, calm exit.

Listen below.