Frank Bretschneider is a German musician, video artist & producer,  co-founder of the prestigious Raster-Noton label & the founder of the East German underground band AG. Geige. Two years after Lunik, he has announced the release of a new album.  abtasten_halten is out on September 18th via Faitiche.

According to the press release, it was made as part of the raster.labor installation first presented at CTM Festival in 2019. It is perhaps the most radical work in Bretschneider’s distinctive oeuvre: abtasten_halten is a self-generating composition for synthesizer modules whose sole sound source is the movement of two VU meter needles. The resulting percussive sounds coalesce into rhythmic combinations – all random, without repetition.

Check the first excerpt “abtasten_halten C”.