Million Square are an exciting young  London-based electronic duo featuring double-bassist Max Luthert and saxophonist Duncan Eagles, who citing influences as diverse as Autechre and John Coltrane,  expertly blend the sounds of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Their new singles “Pallas” and “Diminished Axis” are taken from their last EP Spirit Bloom which was released in April.

“Pallas was the first piece where the majority of sounds were created in the eurorack. I wanted to write a tune with a military-march feel so I programmed the drums first and then added the layers using oscillators and other sound generators in the eurorack. I fleshed the piece out with soft synths, with the aim of creating a strong and tense vibe.”

“Diminished Axis is an exploration of transition. Using harmony to evoke the feeling of moving forwards but realising that that motion can be halted abruptly. That stasis may last but eventually something will come along that leads us in a new direction”