Two years after sophomore full-length No Trail And Other Unholy PathsEvan Patterson (from Louisville post-hardcore trio Young Widows) returned with Jaye Jayle project. Prisyn is out today via Sargent House. According to the press release, Patterson takes his boldest leap into unknown territories, capturing immediate moments in his ever-shifting surroundings with the most basic tool at his disposal: the GarageBand app on an iPhone.

Instead of his usual backing band, he paired up with Ben Chisholm (White Horse, Revelator, Chelsea Wolfe) as collaborator and producer to create an electronic album completely unlike anything else from Jaye Jayle and an ambitious step from 2018’s album.

You can check the full streaming here.

Today we share a playlist which he has created. Called SYNTENCED, it is a five hour playlist with songs about rain, guns, rivers, and other times. He explains: “Every artist heard here has had a direct influence on my songwriting and the compositions for my album “PRISYN” This playlist is for you, to introduce you to some music that is important to me, that you maybe haven’t heard before. Peace.

Listen below.