Parallel Worlds is the collaborative album between Italian producer and musician Julian Zyklus and Japanese, Berlin-based producer and musician Hoshiko Yamane aka Tukico. It is out now via Hush Hush Records. Drawn together by a deep mutual admiration of each other’s debut releases for Hush Hush, the two connected online earlier this year to discuss the possibility of bringing their evocative and cinematic styles together on a shared release. Working from their respective apartments in Berlin, Germany and Bologna, Italy, Tukico and Julian Zyklus each swiftly composed two original pieces for ‘Parallel Worlds’ and then entrusted each other to contribute their own unique interpretations.

Although the works were written in their own independent silos during the COVID-19 lockdown, their shared transportive and whimsical sonic sensibilities – a key sonic element that unites Hush Hush’s international roster – find a perfect harmony alongside each other and symbolizes the beauty and power of collaboration, even when operating in ‘Parallel Worlds.’ 

Check the full streaming below.