South London musician Kamaal Williams has released his second solo full-length which follows the 2018’s debut The ReturnWu Hen is out now via Black Focus. According to the press release, it is an invitation to elevate to a higher state. Cinematic strings from Miguel-Atwood Ferguson and virtuoso saxophone from Quinn Mason are textural additions that make for a deeper, more multi-layered experience than previous releases.

Bringing groove back to the forefront, ‘Wu Hen’ oscillates between celestial jazz, funk, rap and R&B – reinforced with the beat-heavy attitude of grime, jungle, house and garage – a self-styled fusion Kamaal describes as ‘Wu Funk’.  When pressed for insight into the album’s overarching themes, Kamaal proclaims:

“This is a revolution of the mind. A spiritual rebellion. To reach new heights requires separating ourselves from the material world and finding power in what’s intangible. That’s what music and art is for – whether it’s a primitive emotion or something deep, you feel it. And there’s a subliminal element that resonates throughout my work. If you’re painting, it’s what you’re feeling as you’re painting. And the person looking at that artwork or listening to that music, they can feel it too, because it’s sincere.”

He shared a new video for the track “Hold On” which features Lauren Faith. It was directed by Broken Antenna and Océane Combeau. Broken Antenna share more context on the video:

“We’ve known Kamaal since we were young and it was sick to finally work on something together. We wanted to make an ethereal performance video without using any post work on the shots to keep up with the beauty and purity of the track. We used classic in-camera techniques with a range of mirrors, b&w filters and diopters to create something with a heightened sense of reality and interesting perspectives.”
Océane adds: “Using the performance video genre as a base, we deconstructed the format by playing with angles and mirrors, bringing the artists into abstract figures, thus illustrating the distance you can feel towards your reflection and sense of self.”