Jeremy Tuplin is a London based singer-songwriter and musician. One year after Pink Mirror (Trapped Animal), he announced the release of a new album. Violet Waves will be out on August 14th. It is comprised of 12 new transmissions exploring love, the ensuing apocalypse of our habitat and all that exists beyond. Pre-order is available here.

According to the press release, it is a TV-inspired record that finds our sharp suited presenter holding down a diverse programming schedule few others could anchor.  Listen to the new single “Space Magic” and check a playlist from the producer with tracks and artists which inspired his music.

Jeffrey Lewis – Krongu Green Slime. I love Jeffrey Lewis, and this is his favourite song of mine. It’s so beautiful and so sad. It’s a brief history of life on Earth that uses this analogy of life as products, and how it/they don’t last. It’s a unique kind of poignant and intelligent storytelling that only Jeffrey Lewis is able to pull off.

John Talabot ft. Pional – So Will Be Now. John Talabot on his album Fin and in this song more than any other was able to perfect a sense of euphoric build across a track; I’d listen to this in headphones on the underground on repeat in my early years living in London and it made everything better.

Julia Jacklin – Body. I could have chosen a number of songs from Julia Jacklin’s Crushing album, but this one chimes most with memories I had with someone last year in London and Italy where we listened to and talked about this song. It manages to be extremely delicate and powerful at the same time which I don’t think it easy to do.

Anthony & The Johnsons – Hope There’s Someone. This is one of those where I remember exactly where I was when I heard the voice of formerly Anthony & The Johnsons, now ANOHNI, in her song ‘Hope There’s Someone’. I was in my friend’s kitchen listening to Zane Lowe’s show on Radio 1, back when they still played music you could listen to. It was also back when I was able to boast about being able to predict who would win the Mercury Music Prize – when Anthony & The Johnsons rightfully won it for the incredibly beautiful story of emancipation on I Am A Bird Now.

Leonard Cohen – Happens To The Heart. This is proof of the magic of music that you can still produce something like this when you’re dead. (I know that’s not how it happened.) But leaving something like this behind, to be released posthumously; my feelings about I can’t put into words, you’ll just have to listen to the song.