Model Home are the Washington-based duo which include the rapper NappyNappa and the multimedia artist Patrick Cain. In the duo’s own words “a collaborative experiment in liberated sound, vision, and performance“. According to the press release, the spirit of free improvisation pervades the tracks, a sound evolving from two artistic sensibilities bouncing off each other without a set plan and creating a third pathway to unknown worlds.

One Year is the new album which is out now via London experimental imprint Disciples. It compiles tracks from 8 different self-released mixtapes made during an intense initial 12 month period of musical activity that birthed the project. Approached with the same archival sensibility that Disciples has brought to albums-that-never-were from Black Lodge, Bogdan Raczynski and His Name As Alive, but with the idea of creating a framework to present an underground NOW sound. A Jamaican style ‘showcase’ album for these outliers from the District of Columbia.

Listen below.