BRONSON is the new project which involves Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of ODESZA and Australian producer Tom Stell of Golden Features. They have announced the release of the debut album which will be out on August 7th via Foreign Familly Collective and Ninja Tune. They shared a new video for the track “Keep Moving“.

The video, directed by Swedish collective Stylewar, is completely comprised of stock footage depicting a corporate workplace setting, edited in a satirical way to complement the basslines and marching beat of the track. After hand-selecting the base stock clips out of thousands of hours of footage, Stylewar manipulated, edited and employed VFX to bring the storyline to life and create a video of distorted reality. The final result gives a comical and absurd tone, while at the core lies a much deeper, darker commentary on modern society – one that’s complex and multifaceted, and crafted in a way that leaves its meaning open to interpretation.

Stylewar on the video — “The idea for this video was born out of creative starvation during the era of COVID-19. We’ve always had a strong fascination for stock footage and the thoughts and process that goes into creating it, so, since it was impossible to execute anything close to a normal shoot, we moved forward with a concept using solely that and CGI.

The pull to use stock footage became centered around this niche subset of content for the
corporate business world, for it can be so cliché and mind-bendingly generic. We love how
hyper-generic it is, in every detail. From cast, wardrobe, props to locations and especially the acting – it’s all super shallow and false. So, with this as a base, we wanted to create an alternate reality: what would happen if there was a complete inversion to this world and sense of order. Are they all fake? Is everything fake?”

Watch it below.