Four years ago we introduced mysterious producer Model 86. The name came from the desire to be androgynous, cultureless, classless and nationless. “It’s expensively prohibitive to have a constantly changing virtual avatar to act like a platonic mirror for the listener so we went with the name instead, yeah.”

He announced the release of the debut full-length which will be out later this year. Listen to the new single “So We’re Here Then” and check a playlist from the producer with tracks and artists which inspired his music.


FKA Twigs – Cellophane. I listen to loads of twigs. This track is amazing, it all is. I imagine you can’t hear the influence in this project but in upcoming ones maybe. Love, love. It all feels so fresh and well produced. Feels so free and well considered.

MF DOOM – RHYMES LIKE DIMES. So this album really scratched an itch for me when i first heard it. I was into sampling. I had an old MPC2000XL that I’d saved up for. I’d never heard this kind of kitchy extended sample use type vibe, the lyrics were amazing, insightful and silly at the same time. It’s almost the perfect hip hop album for me. Looking at which records were sampled introduced me to way more music, stuff i’d never heard that’s dope, Yuseef Lateef, glittery 80s rnb / pop stuff, like a mini music history lesson, dope. In the last year or so i’d stopped sampling stuff directly but the vibe still influences the way I construct stuff I think. I’m actually getting back into it atm.

Ohio Players – Pride And Vanity. No surprises i’d heard this track via where it was sampled first (Redman, Fabulous, EPMD, Action Bronson) but this track is so, so good, better than all the tracks that used it IMHO. Really nice blend of funk-jazz, feels like a tight af light night jam by the funkiest people alive. Would have loved to have seen that. Would be a sick cover to do live too. The harmonies the bass the groove the production, ah. How does this relate to the release? I love how the ideas progress, parts change, swap and get passed around.

Ramsey Lewis – If Loving You is Wrong I Don t Want to Be Right. Same as above re. where the sample is used (Fu-Gee-La) and i also heard it flipped on a copy of a mix master mike tape someone sent me, there’s so many samples and dope cuts in his first few tapes, geees louise – it was a weird think in the 60/70s where really talented people where covering loads of pop music in different genres but this Ramsey Lewis album tops them all from what i’ve heard. The Night’s In Whtie Satin track is dope too and the Betcha By Golly Wow is amazing. I’ve had it on vinyl forever. It just makes me feel nice.

Nils Frahm – Says. Love the repetition and the ‘simplicity’. Love how it grows and grows too. I never really went this way in terms of minimal and progressive for this project but I do love repetition and simplicity. Comes from loving all those Steve Reich pieces maybe. Alldayallday is pretty loopy and simple in terms of melody and content I guess.

Hudson Mohawke – Chimes. Loved this when it came out, again the ‘simplicity’ but it in quotation marks as nothing is ever ‘simple’ to get right, no matter how minimal. Love the rawness and shitty plastic horns sounds. sounds sick super loud. HudMo’s first EPs are dope too, check em out.

EPROM – Regis Chillbin. Super fresh for back then, i didn’t know about it then but still…  cool drum sound design and clean beats, switches and beats.

SOPHIE – Pony Boy. Sophie in general, but remembering hearing this and thing, daamn. The youtube comments are funny on this…. “when my friend told me they did this song for karaoke at family parties i died.” Sick drums and sound design stuff. Reminds me a bit of that the Yeezus album in a few places, sick production on that too. Sometimes i wish I was SOPHIE, sometimes. She’s like physcho pop Arca, speaking of which…

Arca – Thievery. Just get out of here with how good that lead synth is wtf. The track is so musical and so interesting production wise. Live Arca was lit af, go see them.