Mario Verandi is an Argentinian musician and composer, born in Buenos Aires. He’s back with a new album called Remansum which is out now via Time Released Sound. According to the press release, In Spanish the word “remanso” (backwater) comes from the Latin “remansum”…meaning the action of stopping and remaining in place…especially in an inherently idyllic place, where beautiful music such as this can be heard!

This release comes in two distinctly different physical versions. The first deluxe, limited edition version, in an edition of only 75 copies, comes in the form of a hand made, 12” lathe cut record in an extensively handworked, heavy weight, recycled chipboard jacket. Each jacket has been uniquely collaged on the front with torn and reassembled photographs from a 100 year old book on travels in Spain, each in the form of an original and architecturally modified and mysterious landscape.

Each collage is then surrounded by a frame of tissue thin vellum that has been painstakingly sized, cut out and meticulously applied. The vellum is then stamped with a set of vintage, pastoral French rubber stamps, and each is individually hand titled/stamped as well. The artist’s name has been hand typed on an antique typewriter, and neatly attached to the spine of each jacket. On the back of each jacket are other abstracted corner bits of photos from the same book, with more extensive hand stamping, and each has adhered to it a black 5’ envelope containing the factory pressed CD of the album as well. Centered on this black envelope is a smaller antique envelope, also hand modified, and each of these contains a unique, negative transparency from a museums collection of the arts of antiquity. Each record then comes in it’s own poly sleeve. The supremely clean sounding and highest quality lathe cut records were as ever manufactured by Michael Lawrence at Bladud Flies, in Wales, UK…

Check the full streaming below.