Throwing Snow is the moniker of UK based producer Ross Tones that we introduced different times. Two years after Loma and 2019’s “Rheged“ and The Death of Pragmatism EP, he’s back with a new EP titled The Folly of Pangloss with the moniker Snowing Throw. It is out via Houndstooth.

On his new project, Tones said “These tracks an unashamedly built for the Summer. Simple, cut-up samples and bounce. As they are a big departure from my previous and forthcoming releases, I’ve embraced their tongue in cheek nature and I’m releasing them as Snowing Throw.”

Speaking about “The Folly of Pangloss” track he went on to explain “Voltaire’s Pangloss was blindly optimistic in the face of reality. This track is his folly. It is only the ‘best of all possible worlds’ if we actively endeavour to make it so.

Listen below.