Three years after No.4, American Brussel-based composer and musician Christina Vantzou has released a new album. Multi Natural is out now via Edições CN. It features John Also Bennett, Adam Markiewicz, Marilu Donovan, Minna Choi and Magik*Magik String Quartet.

According to the press release, Within this album lives a composer who is not afraid to let the content take over. In this, obviously composed work, there is still a large space for all those sounds to act freely. It is almost like Christina is waiting for the music to compose itself. This technique speaks of respect and trust for the listener, since it gives the listener freedom to personally connect the lines.

When you put the needle on this record, everything turns to stone—pahoehoe. The music flows and nurtures. Sounds that come from various realities—molded into a mutual understanding. With each spin, new events catch the ears. Like looking at a landscape, perceiving new details close and far with every gaze.

Listen below.