Miguel Gil Tertre is a Spanish, Brussels based musician  and producer. He has released several records under the moniker of Strand in labels such as Foehn Records, City Center Offices, Project Mooncircle, Galleta Records, etc. He has performed in leading festivals like Sonar, and produced multimedia shows using max / msp / Jitter for La Noche en Blanco (Madrid) and La Nuit Blanche (Brussels).

He also collaborates frequently with multi-disciplinar artists; for instance Barry Gifford (writer of David Lynch movies), MCs like Shadow Huntaz (non-genetic), and musicians like Takeshi Nishimoto. Back in May, he has released a new album called Carpintero which is out via Belgian label Fuego en Casa. 5 cuts of synth music, sound design and dark ambient mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio (New York).

Today we have the pleasure to share the official video for the track “C_2“.It responds to music and has been created using Max4live plugins with ableton live and max / msp Jitter. He explains: “C_2 is one of the tracks of the first release under my own name (“Carpintero” released in Brussels label Fuego en Casa).

This audiovisual project started to be developed as a special live performance at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Everything (music and the visuals responding to it) is developed in a custom ensemble within an ableton live set. The ensemble contains custom max4live audio and video plugins communicating with each other. The visuals respond in real time to the music. Carpintero is released both in vinyl and digital.”

Watch it below.