Deriving their name for the French word for “playing tight” and “on point,” Carrè formed last year. And as the band’s Jules de Gasperis explains in press notes, “The making of our band started with this whole idea of having two drummers perform together. It felt like a statement. We always wanted to keep people moving and tend to focus on the beats first when we write.”

We noticed them when came across the video made for the song “This Is Not A Band”. Directed by Patrick Fogarty the video is hypnotic and mind-bending visual shot features glitchy and explosive blasts of color that undulate with the music.

Formed by Julien Boyé (drums, percussion, vocals), touring member of Nouvelle Vague; Jules de Gasperis (drums, vocals, synths, production and mixing) – the owner of a studio in LA and Kevin Baudouin (guitar, vocals, synth, production).

The new EP is officially out today through Nomad Eel Records. Totally inspired as improvised jam centered around glistening synth arpeggios, drenched by cark bass lines and devoted to Primal Scream, Factory Floor and NIN. Blessed to host the premiere, listen below.