One year after Yearning The Infinite and 2020’s collaboration with Bruce Brubaker, London based producer and composer Max Cooper has announced the release of a new EP. Earth will be out on August 27th via Mesh. Three tracks accompanied with short films visualising epic scale earthly processes, human growth, storm surges, evolving ice formations and ballooning cityscapes.

Swarm” was scored intimately and precisely to the new short film by the award-winning McGloughlin Brothers, reversing the usual role of Max commissioning Kevin and Páraic. It’s a story of humans on our planet, replicating out of control, told via sequenced satellite stills providing a stop frame barrage of growing built environment, every frame seemingly synced to another click and sound effect as the audio and visual continue to grow in intensity throughout as the human population does the same in front of our eyes.

Listen below.