Paweł Pruski is an artist from Krakow, Poland who is best known under the name of Minoo. His work pushes and extends the boundaries of Ambient and Drone music and he also performs as a live act in events and festivals around the world. Playground is the new album which is out now via Whitelabrecs.

According to the press release, Playground is a journey into a child’s world. A world without sophisticated sentences, complicated relationships or conventions. Here, the most important things are gestures, curiosity and surprise. It is discovering what is around, fascinated by nature. It is an attempt to look from the side back to the beginning of our journey in this world. What was it like to be surprised by the colour of the leaves, rain, and the ticking of the clock? For this is a journey to a place where the tree is the whole world, and a small meadow can be the whole cosmos.

Listen below.