Four years after Each Other, Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Aidan Knight has announced the release of a new album. Aidan Knight is out on August 28th via Full Time Hobby. “Rolodex” is a new excerpt. He explains: “It’s a song exploring my intrusive thoughts about relationships and divorce and having kids. What a dark thing to worry about and wonder about and write a song about. I find it’s helpful to write and process it, instead of pretending like it’s not a thing or it doesn’t exist.

I had been writing quite a few love songs and this was a good foil for too many sweet sentiments on one record.” Aidan continues, “The rhythm guitar was for another group called Cool Band but I never got around to recording it, so the verse got lifted from that. The chorus melody is an old 35 second demo from 2011. The term Rolodex or Rolodexing is Julia’s term (which she heard from her mom) and it roughly translates to: “when you can’t turn your mind off and you’re running through everything that’s wrong over and over again.” That happens before bed quite often.”

Watch the lyric video below.