Three years after the sophomore album What Now, British duo Sylvan Esso, comprised of Amelia Meath (Mountain Man) and Nick Sanborn (Made of Oak), have announced the release of a new album. Free Love is out on September 25th via Loma Vista. They shared the music video for new track “Ferris Wheel”.

At the heart of Sylvan Esso is this really fun argument,” says Amelia.  “Nick wants things to sound unsettling, but I want you to take your shirt off and dance.  We’re trying to make pop songs that aren’t on the radio, because they’re too weird.  It’s a pop band, but we’re talking about complicated emotions.

While their celebrated first two albums were born from a delineation in creative roles – Amelia the lyrics and melodies, Nick the chords and beats – Free Love is Sylvan Esso’s first true “band” record: two voices fused together.  The album also represents, by turns, the duo’s hardest-driving (“Train,” “Numb”) and most meditative (“Rooftop Dancing,” “Free”) work yet as it unfolds over two distinct sides.  It was written, recorded and produced at Sylvan Esso’s own studio, built in the woods in North Carolina after the release of 2017’s GRAMMY-nominated What Now.