Telemachus is a South London avant-garde producer. Six years after Telemachus In Morocco, he’s back with a new album titled Boring & Weird Historical Music. Counting Trip-Hop, Ambient, West African High Life, Dancehall, Jungle, Folk and Film Soundtracks as his influences, the album features vocalists Killa P, Jerome Thomas, RHI, Penelope Oddity and Chris Belson.

According to the press release, The album follows the narrative of a peculiar parable written by Telemachus  (loosely based on Vietnamese folk tales) – and read by Indian actor Subhash Chander. With a stubborn reluctance to stick to one genre or sound, the album sounds like it could have been made by a whole village rather than just one solitary human.

He shared a new video for the track “I Am Delicious And Cute. So I Will Go Buy Again“. Created by Telemachus and Ugly Duck Studios, the video allows you to sit back and take in the peaceful surroundings whilst the lead character sets off on a river voyage. Watch it below.