Jeans Pauly is a German Cologne-based sound artist and musician know for his works as Ghostrider and Temple Of The Beeheads.One year after Vihne, he’s back with a new album. Below is out now via British label Whitelabrecs. According to the press release, Below is more free and open, as it is inspired by the natural world. The cover image was taken by Jens last Autumn and in this record, he tried to reflect the peaceful moments he experienced during this time. There’s a calmness to the sound underpinned by a satisfying melancholy, as we take in these breezy reflections.

Below perpetuates the subtle beauty of a timeless moment. It’s fragile, and yet, in all its reduced textures, it’s demanding in its overall emotional undergrowth – closely intertwined in hope and yearning. Listen below.