Becky Bowe is a British singer-songwriter. Her music is inspired by acts as H.E.R. and Daniel Ceasar and combines smooth R&B, soulful flair and well-built, refined melodies. She announced the release of the new album called Cosmic Heart which will be out on August 7th via Two Bridge Recordings.

Today we introduce her with the title-track which, according to the press release, carries light tinges of jazz as smooth trumpet is brought in to resonate with the songstresses’ voice. Based on the man who would eventually become her fiance, the single showcases a young woman’s tenacity in the knowledge that she had found her soulmate. Ending on a strong note with a choir entering at full strength, a choral element is brought forward, reinforcing the celestial soundscapes.

Speaking of the single, Becky Bowe shares further insight: “This song is really personal to me. I wrote it when I was 18 years old when I first started going out with my now fiancé. I was so used to writing the stereotypical break up song which always worked a treat however this time round I was feeling feelings that I didn’t know how to put on paper. I then started writing a song about him and about how amazing he is as a person and that’s where the song came to life. This song is just about an out of this world love that you find or have with someone.”

Listen below.