Love You Later is the brainchild of the synth-pop artist Lexi Avileswho makes music circulating through lush, dreamy landscapes with quixotic lyrics and wide-eyed optimism. She’s back with a new single titled “Maling Plans“.

“‘Making Plans’ is about I tend to ‘make plans’ just to keep myself busy and get lost in it all. It sounds crude but if I really was honest with myself and with you, I think sometimes – even if we don’t realize it – we use people to pass time for our own selfish reasons. To escape or feel something. We don’t want to be alone. The song has all kinds of ups and downs to go along with the jumble of emotions. The loneliness and space in my own head lead to me making dumb decisions and in turn, I begin self-analyzing and try to snap myself out of it. It’s an internal battle. ‘Making Plans’ is one of the more painfully honest songs I’ve released. I think that’s why it’s so special to me.” she explains.