Australian multi-instrumentalist four-piece Mildlife (Adam Halliwell, Kevin McDowell, Jim Rindfleish and Tomas Shanahan) announced the release of their second full-length. Automatic will be out on September 18th via Heavenly Recordings. They have shared the official video of the track “Rare Air“. Watch it below.

The video for ‘Rare Air’ was filmed at the Dunmoochin Foundation, a breathtaking plot of land an hour outside of Melbourne whose aim is to nurture emerging and established artists and researchers. The foundation has been part of Mildlife’s bass player Tom Shanahan’s family for decades, and on Dunmoochin he explains “In the 50’s Clifton Pugh (Australian artist and three-time winner of Australia’s Archibald Prize) purchased 15 acres of land in Cottlesbridge which he named ‘Dunmoochin’. Other artists then then came from the city to live and work on the site. One of these was my grandmother, Alma Shanahan who was a potter and sculptor. Her and Cliff were an item for a brief period there.“