IKSRE (I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere) is the solo project of Naarm/Melburnian singer, songwriter, violist and producer, Phoebe Dubar.

Following on from her debut album, Unfurl (2019) and singles “Wylah” and “August” (2020), she shared a new track called “A Day Off“, a more expansive, uplifting work in which Dubar’s layered, textural vocals take a more prominent role, alongside her trademark lush synths. She explains:

“I am completely inspired by nature and for this song, I wanted the song to feel like a wave on the ocean, building from nothing, gathering momentum, then, soon after its peak, subsiding to nothing again. I wanted it to feel like summertime. I wanted it to feel like a break from reality. I think we all need a break from reality right now.”

Listen below, and check the video HERE.