Filter Dread is a British producer which released different albums on labels as Ramp, Codes, Unknown To The Unknown, Corrupt Data and Sneaker Social Club over the last seven years. Now he’s back with a new album titled Trickster which is out now via Coyote Records. According to the press release, Inspired by “tricksters, conspirators and hackers that work within the shadows”, ‘Trickster’ is the work of one of UK electronic music’s most complex and vividly unique minds. 

It was entirely written and produced using hardware for the first time. “For this album, I changed my setup from computer to hardware”, Filter Dread explains. “Matching an old school digital Roland synth from the early 1990s with a new school sampler, I wanted to juxtapose the creative methods and build up a dense, sampled soundscape of synth patterns and sonics inspired by grime, jungle and garage as the starting point.