Welcome Center is a Dallas/Philadelphia-based electronic-pop band comprised of Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick. According to the press release, One of the very first songs the band wrote together, 2019’s “Is This All There Is?”, embodies what makes their camaraderie click: the buoyant rhythms of early New Order, the throbbing house-influenced bass, and the existential dread of DFA records, meditating on the banality and meaning of materialism.

Now they announced the release of the EP This House Will Be Filled With _____. The EP digs deeper into what the duo built on ‘Is This All There Is?’ – five tracks of throbbing rhythmic grit, glimmers of swirling analogue flourishes, and Smith’s trademark moody and introspective lyrics.

Today we have the pleasure to share a new video of the track “Rejoice” which shows the refined, infectious electronic rhythms and the embracing, delicate vocals. They explain: “Inspired by a psilocybin experience during a dark period, ‘Rejoice’ is a contemplative & uplifting dance/pop song about redemption & finding a way to push through despite the baggage you carry. Our aim in this song was to write a simple, sing-along chorus anyone could move to, which inspired the use of arpeggiated synthesizers, groovy bass & live disco drums as the song builds to the final chorus.”

Watch it below.